About Me

Expect the best; plan for the worst, and consciously avoid arrogance. I care most about my team and their vision for the product; engineering is a tool to reach the final goal.

I am a backend software engineer, currently getting my Honors Computer Science degree at UT Austin. I can be a full stack engineer but so can almost all software engineers.

Work Experience


Starting in Summer of 2016, I will be joining a chip design team at Google full time.

Dropbox 2015

For Summer 2015, I worked with a team of 5 to enable Dropbox to serve as a collaborative environment beyond file sync.

Bebop 2014

Bebop provided me with my first job experience in the Summer of 2014. I worked on performance improvements at this 35 person company. Since, the company was acquired by Google and the founder is an SVP there now.

Truskett Group 2014

I worked with Thomas Truskett and his research group at UT Austin on modeling of complex fluids and nanocrystal self-assembly. We worked on theoretical and computational models of condensed matter.